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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the program and application process. Do not hesitate to call or email our team with additional questions.

FAQs for 2021 Applicants

The information below pertains only to students who applied for our cancelled programs in 2021. Please see the "General FAQs" section below for general information about the program and how to apply.

What are the dates of the 2022 programs?


The 2022 Middle School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall will take place from June 15–19, 2022.  The 2022 High School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall will take place over five days between February 2–7, 2022.

Can I transfer to the same 2022 program without re-applying?

If you applied for our 2021 program, your participation has automatically been transferred to a comparable 2022 program based on your grade level. Your tuition will remain the same.

Program and application information for new 2022 applicants will be available in October 2021.

Why was my participation transferred to a different grade level?

If you applied for the 2021 program, your 2022 program eligibility was based on the high school graduation year you indicated on your application. As such, any current 8th graders have been transferred to the 2022 High School Honors Performance Series and any current 12th grade choral students have been transferred to the 2022 Young Adult Honors Performance Series. If you feel your participation was not transferred to the correct program, please contact us at 1-800-503-0807, and we’ll review on a case-by-case basis.

What if I can’t attend the 2022 dates? What if I need to cancel?

If you applied for 2021 and aren’t able to attend in 2022, please use the form linked in the email you received on March 24 to let us know no later than Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

What if I transfer to the 2022 program, but later find out that I have a conflict with the dates?

If you applied for the 2021 program, your participation in next year’s program will be managed with the 2021 cancellation deadlines until you acknowledge the 2022 Terms and Conditions.

Will my Travel Protection Plan enrollment still cover the 2022 program?

If you applied for 2021 and selected the Travel Protection Plan, your existing Travel Protection Plan coverage will roll over to 2022.

I didn’t buy the Travel Protection Plan yet. Can I buy it now for the 2022 program?

The opportunity to purchase the 2022 Travel Protection Plan will be offered after 2022 acceptances have been announced (in October 2021 for High School participants and in March 2022 for Middle School participants).

I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend the 2022 program. What should I do?

If you applied for 2021 and aren’t able to commit to 2022 at this time, please let us know before April 7, 2021, by completing the form linked in the email you received on March 24.

When will I get more information about my 2022 participation?

At this time, we have only finalized the 2022 program dates (see above). Additional details will be provided on our website as they become available.

A high-level program schedule and anticipated ensemble types for 2022 will be announced when the 2022 application process opens (in June 2021 for the High School program and in October 2021 for the Middle School program).

Specifics about your assigned Conductor and ensemble, as well as instructions for booking your travel to and from the program, will be shared when 2022 acceptances are announced (approximately late October 2021 for current 8th graders and mid-March 2022 for current 6th and 7th graders).

Your repertoire, sheet music, Conductors’ notes, Chaperone details, and other pre-program information will be communicated in the months between 2022 acceptances and the programs.

I plan on attending the 2022 program. When will additional payments (if any) be due?

The 2022 payment plans will be finalized when 2022 acceptances are announced (approximately late October of 2021 for the High School program and mid-March of 2022 for the Middle School program).

Will I receive an official acceptance notification for the 2022 program?

If you choose to roll over your acceptance to 2022, you will receive an official acceptance email confirming your acceptance details (part, ensemble, and Conductor name) when 2022 acceptances are announced (approximately late October 2021 for the High School program and mid-March 2022 for the Middle School program).

Will I still receive my sheet music for the planned 2021 program repertoire?

Unfortunately, the cancellation of the 2021 Series has also required return of the sheet music to the publishers.

What will the tuition be for my 2022 Honors Performance Series program?

If you applied for 2021, the Series will honor the original tuition of the program that you are eligible for in 2022.

  • Performers and Family Program participants who have transferred their participation from a summer 2020 program will have the 2020 rate of the program they are eligible for in 2022 honored.
  • Applicants to the 2021 Carnegie Hall programs who are rolling their applications to be considered for the 2022 Carnegie Hall programs will have the 2021 rate of the program they are eligible for in 2022 honored, pending the acceptance decision.

You can find more information when you complete your Carnegie Hall transfer preference form, sent March 24. Please reach out to with any questions.

General FAQs

What is the Middle School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall?

The Middle School Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall was established to showcase some of the most talented student performers in middle school today. Through an individual nomination and selection process, accomplished students are brought together in New York City with peers to comprise the Honors Junior Choir and the Honors Junior Instrumental Ensembles.

When is the 2021 Middle School Honors Performance Series?

The 2021 Middle School Series will take place June 23-27, 2021.  The Honors Junior Performance at Carnegie Hall will be the evening of Saturday, June 26.

Who are the conductors?

All of our conductors have received international acclaim for their work and have extensive experience in working with talented students, making them the perfect choices to lead the Honors Junior Ensembles. Click here for the most up-to-date information about our Honors Performance Series Conductors, past and future.

What do Junior Finalists do in New York?

The program was developed to challenge students to perform at their very best as they play and sing for New York concert-going patrons and other supporters. Though much of the students’ time is focused on performance preparation, the week also allows students to experience the best of the sights and the performance arts in New York City.

Highlights of the five-day program typically include (tentative and subject to change):

  • Performing as part of the Honors Junior Choir and Honors Junior Instrumental Ensembles at Carnegie Hall under the direction of renowned conductors
  • Working with master conductors and building your performing resume
  • Rehearsing and interacting with other Junior Finalists from across the United States, Canada, and select international schools.
  • Celebrating and spending time with new friends at the Junior Finalist Celebration
  • Seeing a Broadway Show, visiting the Big Apple’s most famous landmarks, and experiencing New York
What ensembles will perform at the Middle School Honors Performance Series?

The Middle School Honors Performance Series has traditionally featured an Honors Junior Choir and Honors Junior Band and Honors Junior Orchestra. Applicants are first accepted into the program and are then assigned to an ensemble based upon instrumentation and balance requirements (the Series cannot guarantee that, if accepted, applicants will be placed into a specific ensemble).

What is the connection between the Honors Performance Series and WorldStrides?

The Honors Performance Series is a proud part of the WorldStrides organization. Click here for more information about our history and relationship with WorldStrides.

How are Junior Finalists selected?
  • Music directors from across the world recognize and nominate their talented 6th- through 8th-grade students.
  • Nominated students and self-nominating students are invited to apply individually for selection.
  • Applicants submit a complete application and audition recording. Self-nominating students must submit an additional teacher recommendation.
  • All applications are reviewed by the Series expert Board of music professionals for final selection. Applicants are first accepted into the program and are then assigned to an ensemble upon instrumentation and balance requirements (the Series cannot guarantee that, if accepted, applicants will be placed into a specific ensemble).
  • Junior Finalist and First Runner-up notifications will be sent via email to the addresses listed on the students’ applications in mid-March. This email will specify the student's application results: Finalist (selected to perform), First Runner-up (waitlisted), or Deferred (not accepted and not waitlisted).
What are the application requirements?

The Middle School Honors Performance Series application requirements are as follows. Please see the application page for additional information.

  • Application form
  • Nomination or recommendation
  • Performing Biography form
  • Audition recording
  • Application deposit (the full deposit amount, minus a $15 application fee, is refunded if not selected—the application deposit is non-refundable for participants who withdraw after the final application deadline)

Applications will not be considered until all required pieces are received. If an applicant fails to submit required portions, their deposit is not refunded.

What are the requirements of the audition recording?

Each applicant must electronically submit an audio-only MP3 or M4A audition recording. Please visit the application page for additional information.

May I apply for multiple ensembles?

Applications are automatically considered equally for all applicable ensembles, so if you wish to apply on only one instrument or voice part, you need submit only one application and audition recording to be considered for all applicable ensembles. Accepted applicants will be placed into an ensemble by the Series Selection Board based on balance and instrumentation requirements; students may not request a specific ensemble.

Additionally, you may audition on more than one instrument, and you may also audition as both an instrumentalist and a vocalist. In both cases, you only need to submit one application form, deposit, nomination/recommendation, and Performing Biography but you will need to submit multiple recordings.

Can family participate?

Parents, family members, and friends are welcome to join their Junior Finalist by enrolling in one of our Family Programs or by purchasing individual tickets to the performance. This is a wonderful experience to share with family and friends.

Information on Family Program options will be provided to Junior Finalists once accepted and posted on the Family Programs page. Additionally, information on how to purchase tickets to the performance will be provided to Junior Finalists. Other than individual tickets to the Carnegie Hall performance, all hotels, activities, touring and events are available only as a part of the Family Program and cannot be purchased individually.

How do you ensure performer safety?

The safety and security of our student performers is our highest priority. Though all Junior Finalists will be provided options to have loved ones participate in a Family Program, we recognize that many students may be traveling to New York alone. We're proud to say that, as part of the WorldStrides family, the Middle School Honors Performance Series benefits from more than 50 years of experience in providing educational travel and experiences.

Every program element is designed so that directors, parents, and performers can rest easy and students can focus on their main reason for being in New York—performing at their very best in Carnegie Hall. Program elements include:

  • Airport shuttles and staff to greet and send off students from assigned airport
  • All transportation during the program
  • Chaperones to supervise performers outside of rehearsals and during activities
  • Program staff experienced and trained in working with middle school students
  • Accommodations in student-friendly hotels (safe areas, interior corridors, etc.)
  • Overnight security on each occupied hotel floor to ensure restful nights for students
  • Doctors on Call for medical support while on the program
  • 24-hour staffed emergency office in New York City to handle the unexpected
  • Extensive participant insurance while on the program

Selected participants are expected to act with utmost maturity during the program. Junior Finalists found to have violated the Series' behavior guidelines (as outlined in the Finalist Behavior Contract signed by all participants) will be dismissed without a refund.

For additional information about our health and safety measures, please click here.

How are students supervised while in New York?

In order to provide a safe and structured experience, all Junior Finalists are assigned a program Chaperone. The Series invites educators—most of whom are music teachers who have nominated students for the program and all of whom have demonstrated expertise working with middle schoolers—to apply for selection as program Chaperones.

All Chaperone applicants undergo a background check prior to selection and are trained on the Series safety policies and procedures. Prior to the program, Junior Finalists and their families will receive a biography of their Chaperone and will have the opportunity to communicate with them before arriving in New York.

What is included in the program tuition?

The Honors Performance Series provides a hassle-free experience, so selected student performers can focus on their main reason for being in New York—performing at their very best in Carnegie Hall. The Series tentatively includes:

  • All rehearsal costs, including equipment and sheet music
  • All production cost and services for the Carnegie Hall performance
  • All fees for shown activities, including a Broadway show, celebration, and sightseeing
  • All ground transportation during the program, including transfers between the specified airport and hotels (arrival and departure flights/trains are the participant's responsibility)
  • Exposure to and learning from world-class conductors for the program duration
  • Student chaperones, city touring guides, and program staff
  • Four nights' lodging in highly rated, student-friendly hotels  with on-site staff
  • Overnight security on each occupied hotel floor to ensure restful nights for performers
  • A 24-hour staffed emergency office in New York City to handle the unexpected
  • 24-hour access to Doctors on Call, our medical support through The George Washington University Hospital, during the program
  • Extensive traveler insurance while on the program

Transportation to and from New York and meals are NOT included in the program. A set payment plan and need-based scholarships are available.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are in the process of evaluating certain program elements for 2021 to ensure that they meet the most current public health standards and guidance. The health and safety of our participants is always our top priority. If anything changes from what is listed on the website, we will inform enrolled students via email as soon as possible. Click here to learn more about our health and safety efforts.

Is transportation included in the program?

All ground transportation, including shuttling between the designated airport and hotels once in New York City, is included (for registered participants of the program only). Transportation to and from New York City is the responsibility of each participant. Because this is a selective program, we encourage you to refrain from booking airline tickets or other travel arrangements until you have received both your acceptance and the specified arrival/departure times and locations.

Will someone meet me at the airport?

Junior Finalists and Family Program participants are given a window of time at a specific New York airport during which included transportation to and from the hotel will be provided. Participants should book their flight arrival and departure times to coincide with these periods in order to meet up with program representatives at the airport and take advantage of this included service. Participants arriving or departing outside of these windows will be responsible for arranging their own transportation to or from the assigned hotel.

What if I am arriving into a different airport, or by train or car?

Participants arriving into a different airport than the one assigned, by train, or by car should proceed directly to the official program hotel for registration (details will be provided to Junior Finalists following their selection).

Are meals included?

No, selected Junior Finalists are responsible for purchasing their own meals during the program. At meal times, students are escorted by their Chaperones in small groups to nearby restaurants. The Series team advises Chaperones as to meal options that are suitable and affordable. We generally suggest Finalists plan to spend $50-75 per day on meals.

Are scholarships available?

The Honors Performance Series is dedicated to bringing together talented student performers across the world.  Need-based partial scholarships are available to ensure that performers from all economic backgrounds are able to experience this unique performance honor at Carnegie Hall.  Please call +1-800-503-0807 for more information.

Where do participants stay?

For safety reasons, we do not share the name of our Honors hotel(s) except to accepted Junior Finalists and the Responsible Parties listed on their accounts. All of our hotels are nationally recognized. Each hotel has been chosen for its cleanliness, hospitality, and safe location. Our hotels are student friendly and have been rated highly by students and families who have participated in our programs.

Do I get to choose my own roommates?

In general, roommate selection is randomly assigned by gender. Meeting new people and making new friends is a key element of the Middle School Honors Performance Series and roommates enhance the entire experience.

Selected Junior Finalists from the same ensemble are given the opportunity to request to room together following acceptances. While these arrangements cannot be guaranteed ahead of the program, we do our best to accommodate all requests.

If a Junior Finalist is traveling with a family member who has enrolled in the Full Access Family Program, they may request to room together.

Certain occupancy arrangements require a room surcharge. Please contact us if you would like more information about specific occupancy requests.

Is there a code of conduct for Junior Finalists?

Yes, to ensure a positive experience for all Junior Finalists, participants are required to sign a behavior contract before participating in the Middle School Honors Performance Series. Junior Finalists who do not follow these guidelines can be removed from the program and will be sent home at the family's expense.

Do you offer travel insurance?

Yes, the Program & Travel Protection Plan is designed exclusively for Junior Finalists and Family Program participants and represents a great value for program and travel protection. Complete details about the policy will be shared to selected Junior Finalists upon acceptance.

Who do we make checks payable to?

Please make checks payable to the Honors Performance Series. For faster processing, checks should be mailed to the Honors Performance Series at P.O. Box 6276, Charlottesville, VA 22906-6275. Once received, checks sent to our New York address may take an additional 1-2 weeks to process.

How can I ask people to donate to my program fees?

Requesting donations is even easier with our Gift of Performance e-cards. Those closest to you will enjoy their special e-greeting and the opportunity to be a part of your unforgettable experience!
Click here to send e-cards to all of your family and friends! Many students have accumulated donations in excess of $1,500 through this fundraiser alone!

Nothing can compare to the experience the Series has provided our son and our family.

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