Selection Process

Student applications are reviewed by our expert Selection Board, comprised of notable music professionals, for selection into the Honors Ensembles.

Selection of Finalists

The honor of participation in the Honors Ensembles is limited to select high school performers.

Selected Finalists receive the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with and learn from renowned conductors as they prepare for and perform at one of the world’s most recognized and revered performance institutions – Sydney Opera House.

In most cases, qualified students are invited to apply after having been nominated by a music teacher familiar with their accomplishments. If a student has been previously nominated for the Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall, he/she does not need an additional nomination for the Sydney program. Given that not all directors are aware of the opportunity to nominate, students are also given the opportunity to self-nominate and apply. Students who wish to self-nominate must, therefore, additionally include a teacher recommendation as part of their application submission.


Application Requirements

To be considered for selection to the 2017 Honors Performance Series, a student must be in US grades 9-12 (or equivalent international study level) during the 2016-2017 school year and submit a completed application, which includes:

  1. A teacher nomination or recommendation (see above),
  2. An application form and deposit,
  3. A performer biography,
  4. And a 3- to 5-minute audition recording.

Instruments and Voice Parts

The 2017 High School Honors Performance Series at Sydney Opera House will feature the Honors Choir and Honors String Orchestra. The Honors Choir is planned to include sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses, and the Honors String Orchestra will feature cellos, string basses, violas, and violins.

If you play an instrument not mentioned above, please email our team at so we can ensure you are informed of future opportunities for your instrument.

Evaluation Process and Selection of Finalists

All completed applications received will be reviewed by our expert Board of professional musicians to select the Finalists for the Honors Ensembles.

  • All applicants will be notified by email on approximately October 31, 2016, regarding their application status for the 2017 High School Honors Performance Series. Following review by our Selection Board, applicants are placed into one of three categories: Finalist (selected to perform), First Runner-up (waitlisted), or Deferred (not accepted and not waitlisted).
  • Selected Finalists should expect to receive the selected music for preparation by the end of April 2017.
  • Should any Finalist cancel their participation, a First Runner-up will be offered the opportunity to fill the empty seat.
The Honors Choir was the best choir I have ever been a part of. I learned more than any other musical experience I've had. This is one of the most amazing experiences of my life.


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