Selection Process

The honor of participation in the Honors Junior Choir and Honors Junior Instrumental Ensembles is limited to select middle school performers.

Selection of Junior Finalists

Selected Junior Finalists receive the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with and learn from renowned conductors as they prepare for and perform at a truly world-class venue – Carnegie Hall. In a special performance, students perform for New York concert-going patrons, educators, and family.

In most cases, qualified students are invited to apply after having been nominated by a music teacher familiar with their accomplishments. Given that not all directors are aware of the opportunity to nominate, students are also given the opportunity to self-nominate and apply. Students who wish to self-nominate must, therefore, additionally include a teacher recommendation (form is provided in the application) as part of their application submission.


Student Application Requirements

To be considered for selection to the 2018 Middle School Honors Performance Series, students must be in U.S. grades 6-8 grades (or equivalent international study level) during the 2017-2018 school year and must submit a complete application (which includes an application form, a performer biography, an audition recording, and application deposit).

Instruments and Voice Parts

The 2018 Middle School Honors Performance Series currently plans to feature an Honors Junior Choir and two Honors Junior Instrumental Ensembles. Applicants are first accepted into the program and are then assigned to the appropriate ensemble based upon instrumentation and balance requirements (the Series cannot guarantee that, if accepted, applicants will be placed into a specific ensemble).

Past vocal ensembles have included sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses. Previous instrumental ensembles required the following instruments: bassoons, cellos, clarinets (including Bb, Eb, bass), string basses, euphoniums, flutes, French horns, harps, oboes, percussion, pianos, saxophones (including alto, tenor, and baritone), trombones, trumpets, tubas, violas, and violins. Following our conductor’s selection of the repertoire, instrumentation may change. Should a student apply for a part that is not utilized, a full refund will be sent.

Evaluation Process and Selection of Junior Finalists

All completed applications received will be reviewed by our expert Board of professional musicians to select the Junior Finalists for the Honors Junior Choir and Honors Junior Instrumental Ensembles.

  • Junior Finalists and First Runner-ups will be notified by March 14, 2018 of their application status.
  • Selected Junior Finalists should expect to receive their selected music for preparation by the end of April 2018.
  • Should any Junior Finalist cancel their participation, a First Runner-up will be offered the opportunity to join.
This experience was certainly the most memorable of all musical experiences and even many non-music related experiences I've ever had.

Junior Finalist

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